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Digital Scanning And The Future!

Do you hate the idea of having messy and uncomfortable dental impressions? You are not alone! Lots of people find it difficult to tolerate ordinary tray impressions where a soft impression material is placed in the tray and which is then fitted in your mouth and left to set. Although it only takes a few […]

OMG! I have a dental Emergency.

Since one of our services includes emergency dentistry, we know the hardest thing about having a dental emergency can be getting an appointment quickly. At Sequoia Dental Guelph we have have flexible schedules to accommodate emergency appointments for patients in distress. Depending on the severity of your case, you may be instructed to come in immediately […]

What Makes a Smile Attractive?

A smile is a social asset. Other than being an indicator of emotions, it also enhances the aesthetic features of a person’s face. It helps create an impression, inspire people and build lasting relationships. The Hollywood Smile In defining the ‘perfect smile’ some people might immediately picture ‘the Hollywood Smile’. You probably know exactly what we’re talking […]

Commom Myths About Root Canal Treatment

There are several contributing factors when a person needs a Root Canal. While these telltale signs are not the most pleasant, they should not be ignored if you want to avoid more pain and complications. The most significant reason you might question whether to visit your dentist or not is if you have a throbbing, […]

Big Little Run

This past Sunday the team took part in the Big Little Run in Guelph. The run helps raise money and awareness for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph. The rain was pouring down but the 200 or so runners aging from 9yrs to 83yrs old were all undeterred.  Suzie, Cathy and Michele took part in […]

Help! I’ve Got Gaps Between My Front Teeth

The technical name for the extra space between teeth is a diastema. Many famous people including Madonna, Elijah Wood and Anna Paquin wear theirs with pride and it symbolizes part of their character. Though, many people don’t like these diastemas and are particularly not happy when the gap occurs between their front central incisors. Causes […]

Our New Blog!

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