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The world of dentistry is full of new cutting edge and innovative methods to help brighten up that smile. With everything from teeth whitening, to cosmetic dentistry, here at Sequoia Dental, we can perform the necessary procedure to ensure you’re feeling confident in your smile.

For those particular patients who have truly lost all confidence in their smile due to tooth decay, gum disease, periodontal disease, or any other general tooth loss, we have the solution!

Dental Implants should serve as the answer to your concerns. Much more dynamic than the traditional dental procedure of applying veneers, bridges, or dentures, dental implants are more durable, more sustainable, and more realistic in appearance. Trust us, your new dental implants will have you smiling with confidence in no time at all!


Sequoia Dental is proud to help our clients feel confident in themselves by providing them with the highest quality dental care in the region. Our team of expert dentists and oral surgeons will always determine the best option to ensure complete satisfaction with every patient. We are highly trained and up to date on all current dental procedures and will always walk you through our procedures step-by-step before they occur, so that every patient feels comfortable.


As opposed to bridges and dentures that get tarnished overtime, often need to be replaced, and force the patient to watch what they eat, dental implants are long-lasting and virtually permanent. Success rates for a normal dental implant procedure are as high as 98%! With normal care, dental implants have the potential to last an entire lifetime.
Dental implants are the newest and innovative solution for missing teeth. Not only are they a more plausible alternative to dentures, they present a much more improved appearance and resemble actual teeth. Dental implants have become a fairly common dental procedure as of late because their success as an alternative to bridges and dentures cannot be denied. In addition, their realistic appearance helps to keep patients satisfied for years.
Dental implants are essentially synthetic replacement tooth roots. They are embedded in the patient’s gums to provide a solid foundation from which fixed or removable teeth can be attached to. The new teeth are specifically designed to match the patient’s teeth in color, size, and shape, to ensure a seamless connection between the patient’s real teeth and the patient’s synthetic teeth.


As the latest in dental technology and dental innovation, dental implants maintain a tremendous advantage over the traditional dental procedures of applying bridges and dentures as replacements for missing teeth. Dental implants are not only more effective, they are long- lasting, and more realistic, giving every patient the confidence they need to smile big and wide!
It’s no secret that bridges and dentures are easily identifiable. Not to mention, their propensity for becoming dislodged and disconnected is quite high, especially when eating certain types of foods. Not only could this cause a great deal of embarrassment if it occurs in public, but it could also create a high sense of anxiety and stress amongst patients – adding new concerns to their life that may not have been there before.

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Improved Appearance
  • Improved Speech
  • Improved Comfort
  • Improved Oral Health
  • Improved Durability

Dental implants can fix this!

Gone are the days where you have to feel self-conscious about your teeth. Dental implants have an improved appearance over dentures and bridges because they are all specifically designed to match the color, size, and shape of every individual patient’s teeth. And because they fit just like real teeth, most patients don’t experience any difficulty or changes in their normal speech. Forget about your old set of dentures that would slip and slide out of place when talking, causing you to slur or mumble your words. Because dental implants literally become a part of your teeth, they won’t fall out of place.
These are just a handful of the advantages that dental implants hold over the traditional remedies of bridges and dentures. When you stop back intoSequoia Dental or another dentist near you, ask about the advantages of dental implants over bridges or dentures, we guarantee your dentist will recite a lengthy list for you!


Heavy smokers, patients with gum disease, chronic pain, or recent radiation treatment need to be monitored on an individual basis to determine their fit for dental implants. Extra precaution is always taken by dentists with patients who maintain any of these criteria. However, if you think dental implants will work for you, be sure to ask your dentist orSequoia Dental to see if you would be a good candidate.
Almost everyone healthy enough to undergo a general dental procedure or oral surgery can qualify for dental implants. However, there is a bit of a commitment that needs to be made; as always, dentist’s want their patients to commit to good oral hygiene. After all, dental implants are the closest thing to real teeth; good oral hygiene will help to ensure their longevity so that they can last for a lifetime. We recommend normal brushing, cleaning, and flossing as usual – before and after meals, and upon waking up and prior to falling asleep.
Getting dental implants is as easy as walking into your dentist’s office and inquiring about them! If you’ve experienced tooth decay, tooth loss, or periodontal disease, you’ll be the perfect candidate to undergo this newly standardized dental procedure. Check with your healthcare provider to see if dental implants are covered under your current healthcare plan.

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