iTero® Digital Scanner

The Future of Dentistry

The age of digital is booming and it is surely here to stay. With that, comes new cutting-edge and innovative technology that helps to make the lives of business owners and every day citizens more efficient, more effective, and more convenient. In the world of dentistry, every year we adopt a number of new technological advances at Sequoia Dental. Everything ranging from basic dentist’s tools, to new systems and workflows, to new scanners – we are always sure to stay up to date with the times to ensure that our valued clients have the most efficient, effective, and convenient experience with us.

With that said, we are proud to announce that Sequoia Dental now utilizes a new form of dental imagery that adopts the use of digital imaging technology when working with patients. We currently own an iTero® Digital Scanner – Elements 2, which we believe is the future of dentistry! This new scanner allows us to more effectively map out dental plans for our patients, messy dental molds, or uncomfortable mouth pieces. Trust us, our iTero® Digital Scanner is guaranteed to make your experience at Sequoia Dental much more simple, painless, and enjoyable!

The iTero® Digital Scanner

We’ve decided to adopt the use of the iTero® Digital Scanner because, quite simply, it utilizes the most cutting-edge and innovative dental imagery technology currently found in the industry. Some of the most uncomfortable aspects for patients when paying a visit to their dentist include dental impressions, tooth molding, and other forms of dental scanning. The iTero® Digital Scanner is specifically designed to make these normal dentist’s procedures more accurate for dentists, and less frustrating for patients.

Here’s how it works!

  • Dr. Khambay at Sequoia Dental will use the iTero® Wand to take a 3D digital scan of your mouth. As Dr. Khambay waves the wand along your teeth, it records and draws a digital map of your mouth – no need for messy dental molds or untasteful “goop” – the iTero® Wand is just like magic!
  • As your dentist uses the iTero® Wand, watch along on the high-definition screen as it creates a 3D digital scan of your mouth. You’ll be amazed at how accurate and how quickly it can record what it scans!
  • When the scanning is complete, the iTero® will compile a 3D model, showing you and Dr. Khambay an accurate representation from your gums, all the way through to the surface of your teeth.

It truly is as simple as that – no more messy dental impression mixtures and no more hassle. Within three to five minutes, Dr. Khambay will have all of the information they need.

What Can We Use The iTero® Digital Scanner For?

At Sequoia Dental, we can use the iTero® Digital Scanner to make precise and accurate fits for:

In addition, the iTero® Digital Scanner eliminates the necessity to take multiple molds at different times for different procedures. Once we make the initial scan, your 3D model is added to our database, where we can instantly locate your model right in front of you.

At Sequoia Dental we’re excited about this new technology and we know for a fact that your next visit will have you leaving just as excited. At your next visit, ask us about our iTero® Digital Scanner, we’ll be glad to show you just how it works!.