Dental Bridges

Why a Bridge?

All of your teeth play a crucial role when it comes to proper speech, chewing, and alignment. When you lose a tooth, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible to maintain proper function of your mouth. A dental bridge is an excellent option for correcting tooth loss, as it provides significant aesthetic and practical benefits and is virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a device that literally bridges a gap created when teeth are lost. A bridge is typically made up of one to three artificial teeth which are held in place by two crowns.

What are there different types of bridges?

-Traditional removable bridges are attached to teeth on either side of the gap with metal claps or precision attachments.

-Fixed bridges are bonded into place through surgical procedures which permanently secure the entire restoration.

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Are bridges removable?

Traditional bridges are removable. Fixed bridges are not. Make an appointment with us to discuss which type of bridge would be best for you! Sequoia Dental Phone Number (519) 824-9009

What is the procedure for getting a bridge?

You can count on 2-3 appointments for the attachment procedure to be completed. First, Dr. Khambay will prepare the teeth on each side of the gap and attach crowns which, once cemented in place, provide support for the bridge. Fixed bridges are usually secured to these adjacent teeth, and a false tooth replaces the missing one.

Does it hurt to get a bridge?

Since the procedure involves getting crowns, the surrounding area is numbed with a local anesthesia. As the anesthesia wears off, any lingering pain can be easily reduced with over-the-counter medications. We are happy to accommodate those who would like IV sedation. Keeping you comfortable during your visit is a top priority at Sequoia Dental.

How long does a bridge last?

Removable bridges last 10-15 years, while fixed bridges usually last beyond the 10 year mark. Of course, proper oral hygiene and regular check ups with us will help your bridge last even longer.

How do I take care of my bridge?

The best way to care for your bridge is to keep the rest of your teeth healthy and strong, because the bridge relies on the neighboring teeth for support. If you have a removable bridge, it’s important to clean it with a toothbrush after eating. If you happen to drop or damage the bridge, call us immediately and schedule an appointment with us at Sequoia Dental Phone Number (519) 824-9009 rather than attempting to fix the bridge yourself. If your bridge is fixed, care for it in the same way you care for the rest of your teeth: regular brushing, flossing and cleanings with us.

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